Creative Directions for Living Program

With Life Coach, Mary Jo Rathgeb

Choose which part of the journey you need help with.

45 Minute

You will have the opportunity to explore in what areas you feel out of alignment and what you want to change in your life.

audit program

RIM Sessions
1-3: 90 Min RIM Sessions

You will be able to face your fears and move through blocks that are holding you back from pursuing your dreams. You will come away with a newfound sense of resiliency and inherent sense of wholeness. With this comes a trust in yourself and life in general. You will find that taking aligned action on desired goals is easier than before.

6-Month Coaching Program
ELI Assessment, Human Design Reading, 12 Coaching Sessions, 3 RIM Sessions

This comprehensive package will accelerate your life alignment and help fast-track your dreams. Gain the clarity, confidence and commitment to pursue your purpose. Remove doubt and obstacles from your path and move forward with aligned action empowered by your resilience.