The Process of Life Directions

With Life Transitions Coach, Mary Jo Rathgeb

Discover the process and embrace your journey.  Every step you take in your life is an opportunity for growth and ‘My Life Alignment’ Program helps you navigate personal development. 

life skills Image 1Learning Healthy Ways to Love

According to Erik Erikson’s stage of development, the challenge in young adulthood is to form intimate, loving relationships with other people. The struggle is between Intimacy versus Isolation. The successful completion of the stage can result in happy relationships, and a sense of commitment, safety and care within a relationship. Isolation can result if one avoids intimacy and commitment. This can lead to loneliness, and even depression. The successful outcome of this stage is the virtue of Love.

life skills image 2Making a Meaningful Contribution

In middle adulthood, the challenge of development is Generativity versus Stagnation. Generativity means creating or nurturing thing that will outlast the individual. This is a tie when people are raising children, being productive at work, involved in community activities and organizations. Failing to contribute in a meaningful way can lead to feeling stagnant and unproductive. Success leads to feelings of accomplishment and the virtue of Care.

life skills Image 3Knowing Your Place in the World

In late adulthood and up until one’s death, the challenge is focused on Ego Integrity versus Despair. One reflects on one’s life and accomplishments and can develop integrity if they see themselves as living a successful life in which one has a sense of coherence and wholeness. There will be a sense of completeness and closure, and the ability to accept death without fear. Success in this stage will lead to the virtue of Wisdom.

life skills image 4Being in Flow & Peace
Processing Grief

While there are ages and stages of personal growth across the lifespan, the ability to find acceptance and love in your life and yourself is important at any age and stage. Being aware of your thoughts, feeling and actions helps you learn to accept them and determine what is helpful and what if not, so you can change them if you choose. Processing your emotions, including heavy ones like grief, allows you to grow through even the most challenging circumstances. Success in this can result in living from a place of Love versus Fear. This can lead to the virtues of Hope and Compassion.