Self-Expression Jumpstart

Welcome to the Self-Expression Jumpstart! You are taking an important step in being able to understand and express yourself in a new, more powerful way.

How many times have you stopped yourself from speaking up because you were afraid of appearing rude, or criticized or because you didn’t want to upset someone? When you do that, you think you’re being nice, but you’re being fake. And people can feel it.

Not communicating authentically is costing you – in your relationships and in your business. You are leaving money on the table, by not connecting with your potential clients or when you do, being confusing with a vague or rambling message, tip toeing around issues, and generally trying to be nice and liked, instead of honest.

It doesn’t need to be this way. You can learn to communicate authentically. The first step is awareness. Then allowance. Then being honest. Be compassionate, but real. Look, we’ve been conditioned to be fake. And we can be unconditioned. The Human Design System is a great tool to do this. It’s a self-empowerment assessment based on your birth data. It provides a blueprint for how you are designed to be and where you are susceptible to conditioning.

I am offering a free 15 minute Jumpstart Your Self Expression Reading by learning your Human Design Type. And for the first 20 who sign up, I will include a Voice Activation focusing on the throat center.

Imagine being given a map that shows you how to be in alignment with who you are, how you are designed to express yourself, make decisions, and where you are susceptible to conditioning from your environment!

Enter The Human Design System…The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient wisdom traditions, including Astrology, iChing, the Kabbala, and the Chakra System, in combination with the human genetic coding and our understanding of neutrinos. Based on your birth data, Human Design reveals both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself, your energy blueprint, and how you engage with others. This map guides you in discovering your own truth, so that you can improve your relationships, business choices, and manage day-to-day challenges without getting overwhelmed.

Using Human Design, we can see your strengths and areas that are susceptible to conditioning. We get conditioned through our undefined centers, old patterns from childhood, societal norms, belief systems, and more. When you identify with your conditioned self, you may hide, shrink, stay small, feel a need to prove yourself, push yourself, feel unworthy, unappreciated, rejected, unloved, too emotional, or burnt out. Depending on Type, you may experience frustration, anger, bitterness, and/or disappointment.

Being congruent with your Self means living by your Type, Strategy, and Authority.

The 5 Types and their Strategies to engage their energy:


Purpose:Here to initiate others
Strategy: Inform others before initiating


Purpose: Here to find and master work you love
Strategy: To respond through gut response

Manifesting Generator:

Purpose: Here to find and master work you love, multi-task
Strategy: To respond, test drive it, find clarity, inform, act


Purpose: Here to guide the energy of others
Strategy: Wait to be recognized and invited


Purpose: Here to reflect the wellbeing of the community
Strategy: Wait a 29-day Moon cycle

Find out what your Type is and how you can start to express your Self today.