Widow Bereavement Support

widow bereavement support

Grieving can take different forms and we often hear that there is no wrong or right way to grieve. Grieving is not timebound and is an individual experience. Your response to grief is dependent on your personality and coping style. Losing a spouse can be one of the most painful things anyone will endure and mourning through the loss can be painful. Reflecting on the future that you will no longer have with your spouse can be excruciating. People rarely understand the kind of relationship you have with your other half and losing your spouse can feel as if you are losing a part of yourself. Grieving and mourning for the loss of the spouse will be different from one person to another. Being married often means dreaming for two. Your partner will always be part of the picture and losing them suddenly in that picture can be agonizing. Simply changing the status of documents from married to widow can be an emotional event. There is no right way to grieve but there are healthy alternatives to make the grieving process more robust and centered on eventually gaining acceptance. It will take time to learn how to take charge of your life especially if you have been used to a partner.

It is important to realize at this stage that it is a highly personal experience. We have heard of the 5 stages of grief – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. A widow will not go through these phases in the same order. Going through the mourning phase will be a personal experience and different from one person to another. Loss is a state or feeling of grief when deprived of someone or something of value. Losing the emotional partner we once had will require support.


My name is Mary Jo. I am a Personal Development Coach offering widow grief and bereavement support and can help you on your journey to healing. Grief is normal and moving on is a process. Everyone deals with grief differently and this is something I have come to understand. I acknowledge how mourning can be different from one person to another. Widow bereavement support helps you release your emotion. This is the first step to healing. I have been a widow myself at the age of 43. I have gone through the pain then gone through the process of healing into finding myself. My mission is to help people learn to accept and love themselves. Once healed, a person becomes complete once more, and they become willing participants in life and share their gifts with the world.

Some widows will be shy in looking for support but moving on is a process. I can offer the support to help you get through these difficult times. Widow support will help you understand your feelings, your reactions, and help identify the journey to healing. I have developed the Mojo Journey of widow support to help you in the process.


Step 1: Embracing the Feeling

No one can accurately say the length of grieving one will experience. It will be different for everyone, but it will help if you get the support you need to be truly heard. It is okay not to feel okay. Widow support will help you embrace and accept the feeling. Imagine being able to truly be open with your feelings. That is the first level of support.

Step 2: Accepting the Loss

Losing your spouse; the love of your life will be traumatic for anyone. Suddenly changing from being a partner to a widow is indeed a drastic change. Widow support will guide you in your journey to acceptance and dealing with the loss and pain. Knowing the difference between accepting a loss and accepting the pain and grief over a loss will help you move on.

Step 3: Working Through the Pain

Widow support will help you work through the pain. These are instances where we ease into the new reality of being a widow. There will be moments that certain tasks might be difficult to deal with and working through it will be a process but that is what counseling is for. Widow support will help you work through these.

Step 4: Completing the Fight

This is the last step of the Mojo Journey of Widow Support. In this step, you will realize that grief is a normal process and everyone goes through it. No one is spared from it. Some loss will stay with you forever, but this should not deter you from moving forward with your life. This will help you adapt and adjust.

I have gone through the same experience. I understand how it feels. I can share my experiences and guide you through yours. Send me a message and let us start with your Mojo Journey now.