Issues to Consider Before Hiring a Career Transition Support Coach

Change is inevitable. This is what I always tell myself whenever I am in a situation where I feel the need to change. But let me tell you it isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to accept, to embrace, and to do.

What about when it comes to our careers? After many years in a company, doing the things the you have to do, hitting the targets, accomplishing one task after another, are you still feeling excited about going to work? Or do you ask yourself, “What now?”.

Today more and more organizations face a rapid and dynamic changing environment. Just as companies have to adapt for inevitable change, it is safe to say that we, employees, have too adapt as well. Whether we are ready or not, we have to change, whether we stay in our current role or transition to different role, many industries are going through change. If we decide to take the opportunity step to into another role, where should we start? We acknowledge that there are so many things to consider when transitioning from one career to another. If you are feeling lost, you may want to consider hiring a career transition support coach to help you.

But, what does a career coach do?

For us to understand it easily, having a career transition support coach is like having a friend who will tell you ‘straight’ what to do and which path to take. Whether you are just a novice and unsure where to go, hoping to pursue a new passion, or ready to move to the next level, getting a clearer and outside perspective from a professional can greatly help you.

Many professionals think that getting a career coach is only needed after they have submitted dozens of applications and are stuck and in desperate need of a job. We suggest you hire a career transition support coach before you really urgently need one.

So, when should you hire one?

1. When you feel unfulfilled in your current role;

There really are times when you feel like you are dragging yourself to work and it is so difficult to find the motivation to get up because you feel like you are just doing things routinely. Sometimes that little voice inside keeps on asking you, “Are you still happy with what you do? Are you on the right career path?”. You may just need a little reassurance from a career coach. These professionals are always up to date with the current waves in organizations and know the opportunities where you may fit and feel satisfied.


career transition support coach

2. When you feel content in your current role, but there is a new and better opportunity;

We have to admit we are always on the lookout for better opportunities. We get excited when we hear of a company that is offering a bigger pay and better benefits. But we are not alone in wanting to join great companies. How would you sell yourself and make it more enticing for the potential employer to offer you a position?

An appealing resume is a great start. Get a career coach to help you draft a compelling and impressive resume. These professionals understand the ins and outs of the business and how to identify the best aspects of your professional experience to market it in the most striking way possible to possible employers.

3. When you have come to a major career pivot.

Pursuing a new passion or really challenging yourself to do something new can be exhilarating. This epic move can drive even the best of us to the limit. So instead of doing it on your own and potentially getting lost on the way, hire a coach who is experienced in these types of career shifts. You may want to find someone who can help you through the foundation of your new dream career, gauge how realistic the change may be, and then conceptualize a new resume to support your application in this new direction.

4. When you get tongue-tied during interviews.

If you made it through the first base of your applications and you are up to the next round where employers are inviting you in for interviews, then you did a great job! This is already a big accomplishment knowing that the competition out there is truly intense.

But what if, after getting interview invitations, you freeze during discussions? The pressure of an interview can be high, but it is imperative to make a great impression at these interviews and if you need help, you need a career coach who can help you with mock interviews. You need a professional to help you get through that nerve-wracking pressure, walk you through the process, and help you plan on how you will deal with possible interview scenarios.

The most challenging part of shifting careers is the decision itself. If you are uncertain about taking that step forward, you can send me a message today to find that coach that will help you through the process.


Get in touch with Mary Jo if you need a career transition support coach today.


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Issues to Consider Before Hiring a Career Transition Support Coach