How to Cope with Life Transition Stress

The process of changing from one state to another can be perplexing for us. As human beings, we take pride in our ability to adapt but there are cases when certain events can bring us to our knees. Transitioning to a new phase can bring about worry and eventually stress, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Intuitively, we could probably predict the outcome of an event but while we wait for a certain action or event to go to its fruition, we still would be worrying. Some psychologists propose that worrying is a self-preservation technique to prepare for an eventual occurrence. Some would even argue that worrying when used correctly, can bring about the solutions to the current life stressor. It helps people focus on what creates fear for them and how to take active steps to resolve it. Coping mechanisms for life changes can be different from one person to another. In the grand scheme of things, we are assessed on our ability to handle adversity. Below are some coping techniques to handle life transition stress.

Keep an open mind and remain Optimistic

A positive outlook goes a long way. Being positive, cliché as it may sounds, helps with overall health. Journals reports are available showing that there is a positive correlation observed between being optimistic, and the recovery from health issues. Accepting this fact hopefully changes our view. Recognize the transition and see it for its true value. At the end of all this, what’s in it for me? Proper introspection and review of your challenges will help you come up with learning objectives. Regardless of the issue, we should welcome life lessons.

Make Memories out of it

Going through challenges can help us see clearly. We all see life through rose-colored glasses until we get hit with that one big thing. We all love reading about success stories and guess what, they all start with strife and how our dearly beloved idol overcomes it. Why can’t you do the same? You’d be surprised at your strength and resilience.


life transition stress

In Moderation and with Focus

People handle adversity differently and some people become defeatist and some further damage themselves with drugs and alcohol. This is the most dangerous path that anyone struggling to cope can choose. Focusing on what can be done to help the situation matters most.  If having a drink is just something that you do, always remember moderation. Anything in excess can be detrimental regardless of whatever it is.

Your Routine and Your Goals

Going through a transition does not mean that we should stop going after our goals. Regardless of how mundane a routine can be, each routine can help get you closer to your goal. For example, doing the laundry may be a basic task that we need to do, but doing the laundry at the most inconvenient time can further damage our goals. How? Let’s say you have a chance fora promotion and have working hard,putting in extra time in your work, but the night before the big presentation, you need to catch up with the laundry and go to bed late. On the day of the presentation, you are light-headed and not as sharp and witty as you would otherwise be. Irrespective of the outcome, it all could have gone better. Aligning your routine with your goals is one of the steps to help you head in a positive direction. Routines should not go unnoticed. Routine and how we go about our day speak volumes of our actions.

Going through Life’s transition can indeed be a stressful. If you think about it, the feelings of stress vs that feeling before you hit a breakthrough are the same.The ‘butterflies’ can be a necessary part of being ready for change. Being aware of these feelings can help you recognize what is going on. Proper introspection can help you understand your challenges, and these coping mechanisms can assist in stress management so you can overcome adversity and focus on your goals for success.


Contact Mary Jo Rathgeb if you are going through life transition stress and needs help coping.



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