How to Find Meaning in Your Life: 5 Simple Tips

Perhaps one of the most profound questions that one can ask is “what is the meaning of life?” As you go through your life’s journey, you’ll probably have wondered once or twice about the purpose of your existence. For what and for whom, and why were you created and put in this world?

It can take a long time to discover your life’s true meaning and purpose. Nevertheless, there are many things you can do to help find a deeper meaning in your life. Here are just a few suggestions:

Practise Gratitude

A spiritual life coach will tell you that in order to create a meaningful life, career, or relationship, you have to be grateful even for the smallest things. In turn, this can lead you to become more motivated to give back. Indeed, when you are able to count your blessings, you are more likely to want to share them. Ultimately, being grateful fuels your desire to be part of something bigger than yourself. This, in turn, can give more meaning to your life.

It’s also interesting to note that gratitude also triggers the reward circuits in the human brain. This means that being grateful and altruistic makes you happier. As a result, it will be easier for you to find more meaning in life and everything that you do.

Discover Your Talents and Use Them

One of the best ways to find meaning in your life and realize your purpose is to discover what you’re good at. Once you figure out your talents, use them! Doing so can help you find your purpose, not to mention improve your talents and learn even more ways you can apply yourself.

If you haven’t yet uncovered your gifts, you can try asking yourself some questions. See what kinds of things come naturally to you. Do you feel more comfortable in the spotlight or do you enjoy working in the background? You should also determine how you’re feeling when you’re doing certain things. Focus on the things that make you happy and fulfilled.

Another way to discover your talents is to figure out the ways you want to help people and contribute to the better good. This will give you a better idea about things that you already do and the qualities you already possess but haven’t recognized or appreciated as talents.


Stoke Your Passion

Passion is what keeps that proverbial fire burning. It’s what drives you to achieve success, pushing you to do the things that are the most important to you. Passion can also fuel your motivation so that even the simplest activities feel more meaningful.

What’s more, feeling passionate about something improves your behaviour and even your outlook in life. If there are things that are causing you to burnout, your passion will help you rekindle your enthusiasm. This zeal can help you see the world in a new light, strengthen relationships, and give a deeper meaning to everything you do.


Cultivate Relationships

Social relationships (whether platonic or romantic) can help you gain a sense of meaningfulness in life. As the saying goes, no man is an island. We need to cultivate human connections not only to counteract loneliness but also to have people with whom to share happiness. When you have harmonious relationships, it’s easier for you to discover your purpose and find meaning in these connections.

Cultivating relationships also increase your sense of belonging and importance. Having strong interpersonal connections helps make you feel that you’re significant to someone else. When you feel valued and supported, you also feel that the things you do have meaning not just for you but also for others.


Have a Plan

Planning is an important element of success. It’s also an important element in finding meaning in your life. This is simply because, for many people, finding meaning in life is almost synonymous to accomplishing something in life. Thus, if you don’t have a plan, you’ll have a more difficult time achieving your goals and thus finding meaning.

Make a list of things that you want to achieve, then write down the things you need to do in order to achieve them. You should also learn how to visualize your success, which can inspire you to do better. Try making a vision board and display it on a prominent space in your home or office so that you’re always reminded of your goals. Lastly, learn to ask for help. This can come from a life coach, a mentor, a trusted friend, or your family members.


You should keep in mind that finding meaning and realizing your purpose can take a long time and a lot of effort. Remember the famous quote: life is a marathon, not a sprint. This means that, in your pursuit of meaning, you have to be prepared for roadblocks and to work continuously. At the same time, you should also learn how to take a rest and to rejuvenate your spirit.

Finally, finding meaning in your life means taking a deeper look into your past and present. The things you discover can then help guide you in shaping your future. Be honest with yourself and don’t compare your journey with others. Focus and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.


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