Your Legacy – Knowing Your Place in the World

Everyone would like to leave an impact on the world; a lasting legacy. Everyone wants to know their place in the world, and that their life and what they did matter to others.

Before you are able to leave your legacy or contribution for the future generations, however, you need to focus on the present first. You have to take control of your life and that starts by having a clear picture of what you want to do. Most people struggle with this part; sometimes, they give up completely.

Don’t be discouraged, however. There are many ways to stop feeling like you’re adrift and life is just passing you by. Here are some things to keep in mind to help anchor yourself and know your place in the world:


There Are No Steps

There are many things in life in which you can follow a set of steps or a formula to arrive at the desired result. Figuring out your place in the world is not one of them. Indeed, life doesn’t have a manual where you can find instructions. However, what you can find are people who can help you, such as, your life coach or mentor to help you discover your direction.

Indeed, what you need in life are not step-by-step details on what to do. Rather, you need a compass or a map, so you know where to go. When you have your direction locked in, you can now work towards steering your life towards it. Knowing where you’re headed will also give you more courage to step out of your comfort zone to discover what more you can do.

Once you figure this out, it will be easier to figure out your place in the world and determine your life’s purpose. You’ll even find a deeper meaning in everything you do, as long as you’re going in the right direction.


Think of It as a Relay

Leaving a legacy is like a never-ending relay, where you hand the baton to the next person in line, and then they will pass it on to their successor, and so on. Simply put, it’s not about keeping everything to yourself, be it knowledge or recognition. Instead, it’s about passing on the responsibility to someone else and trusting them to continue the progress you’ve made.

What’s important here is that you realize that you can’t control how the next person or generation will do with what you’ve passed onto them. Again, think of how a relay is played. Once you’ve handed over the baton to the next runner, they are the one who’s going to be doing all the running. You have to trust in their capabilities. If you’ve left a good legacy, then you don’t have to worry about how others will move the baton forward.


Be “Woke”

Figuring out your place in the world means you have to be “woke.” You have to pay attention to what’s going on around you, to be aware of how these things are affecting you, the people around you, and society at large. Once you’ve realized what’s truly going on, you’ll be in a better position to see the gaps that need to be filled and inspire change.

This level of awareness can also give you more clarity. In turn, this can help you appreciate where you currently are, what you can do, and what needs to be done.


Live YOUR Life

Having a plan is comforting because you have something to guide you towards reaching your goals. However, if you were not the one to write this plan, you would not feel the same kind of fulfilment than if you were the one to plot your course.

The key to finding your place in the world is to live your own life. Again, it’s good to have guidance from a life coach or mentor but in the end, it’s you who has to make the plans and decisions. Don’t be afraid to take advice but be sure that the life you’re living is completely yours.


You’ll Feel Scared and That’s Okay

Life can be scary. There will always be challenges that you need to face head-on if you want to move forward. Moreover, there will always be a need to step into uncharted territories if you want to discover your true potential. This can be a terrifying prospect.

Don’t let your fears hold you back, though. It’s normal to feel afraid and you need to accept this fact. However, you should also realize that your fears don’t make up your entire person. You also have strengths and talents. You have friends, loved ones, and teachers who are so much bigger than your fears. With their support, you can find the courage to take the necessary steps to cement your place in the world.

What you have to remember about creating your legacy is that you shouldn’t aim for something big or grand. Rather, strive to leave something helpful and meaningful. This will make your journey even more worthwhile.


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